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R3Fresh Superfoods Cafe

  • 135 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA, 92832


Everybody knows something "Super". There's the Super Bowl, Superman, and who can forget Superfreak (maybe a little before your time, but one heck of a song from the immortal Rick James). But, now, we've got the most important "super" of them all! Ready. Set. Wait. It's the Acai Berry. Say what?? That's right, this powerhouse of superfoods has so many healthy benefits and now R3Fresh Superfoods is giving you a chance to try this delicious "immunity-building" pick-me-up with 25% off the price of any of their medium Acai Bowls. There's plenty of options to choose from and you can build your own superfood bowls. Choose from their premium organic Acai sorbet or a combination of Pitaya, Coconut, and Chia Puddings paired with granola made fresh in-house with simple ingredients and topped with fresh fruit and a variety of superfood toppings. They also have various protein smoothies, like their Tropical Dragon. It's fresh tropical goodness - pitaya, mango, pineapple and coconut milk, all blended together for a delicious "immunity-building" pick-me-up. But, get in quick because this super-deal expires on October 31, 2022.

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