Free Medium Hot Drip Coffee or Iced Tea

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Qargo Coffee

  • 2736 Nutwood Ave., Unit D, Fullerton, CA, 92831


Most people assume college students exist on warm brews and Top Ramen. Well, we can do without the Top Ramen, but the warm brews are needed. And by brews, we mean coffee--hot, cold, strong or iced--it's the lifeline for students. Qargo Coffee, located across the street from CSUF, gets it. They have an entire menu of Lavazza-made coffee and iced-tea concoctions to fuel Titans and Hornets (and, yes, people who just like coffee). And the menu of desserts is sweet, too. And, here's something that will give you a jolt: Enjoy a FREE Hot Drip Coffee or Iced-Tea (no purchase necessary!). Offer valid through December 31, 2021. Don't let this one pass you by--you'll want to git it while it's hot (or cold).

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