Enjoy a 10-inch Cheese Pizza + 2 Liter Soda for Only $3.50

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Papa Pizza Pie

  • 1105 S. Euclid St., #H, Fullerton, CA, 92832


Papa doesn't need a brand-new bag. He's got something even better. Piping hot pizza with premium ingredients all tossed and baked to perfection in our own backyard...Fullerton. And here's the deal at Papa Pizza Pie: Get a 10-inch Cheese Pizza and any 2 Liter Soda for only $3.50. That's 8 slices of pure Papa Pizza Pie heaven with plenty of soda to wash it all down. They've got all sorts of pies, too, from traditional to contemporary designed to appeal to all sorts of tastes - carnivore, vegan, veggie, gluten-free - you name it, they've got it. So those other papas can keep their brand-new bags, but maybe we'll borrow it to take home our tasty provisions from Papa Pizza Pie. And, just like pizza, this offer isn't hot forever. Offer expires on June 5, 2021. Available for takeout only.

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