Enjoy Three Beef or Turkey Value Tacos for $1.49 or Three Grilled Chicken Tacos for $2.49

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Del Taco

  • 1941 N. Placentia Ave., Fullerton, CA, 92831


The countdown is on 3-2-1...get…ready…for…it…Del Taco in Fullerton is offering 3 Value Tacos (Beef or Turkey), soft or hard shell, for just $1.49 or 3 Grilled Chicken Tacos, soft or hard shell, for $2.49. This is an e-foodie member exclusive where you, our cherished members, get the deal 24/7 day or night! And since there's no limit on how many you can order, pick a friend to be the designated hero of the day to stop by and pick up lunch or dinner for the whole gang! Taco ‘bout a deal. Think of it---all the fixings with hand-grated cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and and your choice of beef, turkey or grilled chicken. You can’t afford not to visit Del Taco (it’s a lot cheaper than making tacos at home). Yep, the countdown is on. Located right around the corner from CSUF. Offer expires April 14, 2019.

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