Enjoy 50% Off Any Entrée at Greens N Things Healthy Grill

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Greens N Things

  • 975 E. Birch Street, #A, Brea, CA, 92821


It’s not only great being green, it’s great having greens…as in more money in your pocket. We can help you with that. Greens N Things is offering 50% Off any entrée for 30 days – and nothing is off limits! Not the ah-mazing avocado toast, not the breakfast burrito, not the smoothies or shakes, not even the healthy salads. Nothing. Nada. But while we’ve talked about the “green” now we have to talk about the “things.” And here’s the thing – get in there before November 15th or we can guarantee you 100-percent that you’ll be paying full price.

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