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The Good Fish

Enjoy 50% Off Any Sashimi Bowl, Salad or Half and Half with Purchase of a Second

1956 N. Placentia Avenue, Fullerton , CA, 92831

There’s a new restaurant in town (Fullerton to be exact and close to CSUF) whose name does not reflect its menu: The Good Fish. Honestly, if it were up to us we’d call this place The Great Fish. Forget that – The Best Fish. No, we’d call it The Bestest Fish Ever. But it’s not our call (and the owners are probably glad about that). It’s a good—no, make that a great—concept where guests create their own sashimi bowls, sushi salads or sushi burritos by selecting their base, veggies and protein – brilliant. So have at it with Buy One, Get 50% off any sashimi bowl, salad or half and half. Start with white or brown rice or lettuce. Next pick your veggies – edamame, corn, carrots and about a dozen other offerings. Finally, it’s the protein – salmon, spicy tuna, shrimp – too many to name, really. Now’s the time to reel in this deal and head to The Good Fish. No, make that The Great…oh, never mind. You get the point. And, just like fish, this offer has a shelf life through December 31, 2017.

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